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building legacy wealth and passive income

At Blue Bridge Capital, we provide passive investment opportunities in institutional quality, rececission-resistant real estate. Our mission is to help investors build long term wealth and passive invome streams through a diversified offering of value add multi-family, self-storage, and mobile home communities.

Our model is simple: identify best in class operators in the Multi-Family, Self-Storage, and Mobile Home Park business that have a proven track record of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns. Our direct access allows investors to invest alongside these operators while taking advantage of our due diligence process.

Why Blue Bridge Capital?

Experienced Partners

Our direct access and vetting process allows you to invest alongside best in class operators with a track record of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns

Immediate Diversification

Investing through a fund provides investors diversification through operators, asset classes, and geographies

Attractive Returns

Multifamily, Self Storage, and Mobile Home Communities have some of the best risk-adjusted returns in commercial real estate

Tax Efficient Passive Income

True ownership in a LLC allows for pass-through depreciation of the asset creating a tax-efficient passive income stream

Due Diligence

Leverage our due diligence process and strategic relationships to access institutional quality opportunities in recession resistant asset classes that have been thoroughly vetted by our team

Alignment of Interests

We invest in every opportunity we present and our compensation is heavily weighted towards the performance of our assets

Low Correlation to Market

Multifamily, Self Storage, and Mobile Home Communities have demonstrated low correlation to the broader market, bringing stability to your portfolio

Investor Portal

Track your investments through our industry-leading investment portal

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3. Invest

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4. Enjoy

Sit back, relax, and receive quarterly cash flow payments from your passive investments.

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